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uPVC Repairs

The majority of uPVC doors are fitted with a multi-point lock:

Multi-point locks can be found on wooden, composite, aluminium and uPVC doors.

This type of lock usually features a latch that engages automatically when the door is shut. In some cases both handles with open the latch (lever-lever system), usually on a back door. Whilst it is common for only the inside handle to open the latchon a front door (lever-pad system, where the key is always required to open the door from the outside).

The secondary part of the lock needs to be activated either by lifting the handle up or, on some older locks, winding the key in the lock. This will normally engage a deadbolt near the latch and a mixture of other security features such as rollers, hooks, 'mushrooms', deadbolts or shoot-bolts all around the edge of the door.

The key will be inserted into a euro cylinder and it is usually just this cylinder that will be replaced when the lock needs to be changed on this type of door.

Euro cylinder do vary in quality and are usually 5- or 6-pin cylinders - the 6-pin versions being more secure and harder to pick. The better quality locks may also have additional security features such as anti-drill pins, anti-snap and anti-bump designs and restricted keyways - all designed to make it harder to unlock the cylinder without the key. For every new security feature that appears the locksmith has to learn a new technique for gaining emergency access.

It is possible for the lock to fail and in this case either the main gearbox or the entire locking strip can be replaced.

upvc multi point locks repaired and replaced in kentA multi-point lock, as used on most uPVC and composite doors, as well as some wooden ones.

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