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Mortice Locks

A mortice lock (commonly known as a 'Chubb' lock) is so called becasue it is concealed within a mortice in the door.

Mortice locks are either 'deadbolt' (just the key-operated locking bolt) or 'sashlock' (with a handle-operatered latch as well as the key-operated locking bolt).

Insurance companies will recommend (and in some cases insist upon) a 5-lever British Standard mortice lock fitted to a wooden door in addition to a nightlatch.

The key in a mortice lock lifts up a set number of levers (between 2 and 6, with 3- and 5- lever locks being the most common) to the correct hieght to allow the bolt to either lock or unlock. The more levers present, the harder the lock is to pick.

A 2-lever lock would only be used internally, or perhaps on a shed door, whilst a 5-lever lock is more suited to a front door.

A mortice lock which shows the British Standard Kitemark has additional security, which makes this type of lock very difficult to pick - even for an experienced locksmith - and one of the most secure types of lock available.

Mortice locks are available that use an euro cylinder as the locking mechanism. One useful feature of this is the ability of having a 'thumbturn' on the inside of the door. This enables emergency access from the inside (no searching for the key in the case of a fire) and also makes it easier for somebody with limited dexterity to secure their home.

mortice locks fitted in medway kent and maidstoneA Chubb 5-lever mortice lock (now made by Union).

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