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Nightlatch (Yale Lock)

Nightlatch or Yale Locks

A nightlatch (commonly known as a 'yale' lock) is usually fitted to a front door and locks automatically when the door is shut. The lock will have some type of handle to pull or turn to open from the inside and a rim-cylinder to insert the key into from the outside.

Some nightlatch locks will have a double-locking feature, which prevents the latch being opened without the key. This will either involve inserting the key and turning from the outside when the door is already locked or some higher security locks will automatically double-lock.

Most locks of this type will feature a hold-back or 'snib' operation which will prevent the door locking behind you when you take the rubbish out!

Two examples of nightlatch locks from Yale and Era:

Yales locks fitted and repaired in medway and maidstone areas of kent

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